Slow Fashion Confessions

As you guys may know, I recently made a switch to slow fashion, you can read all about it here. Since this slow fashion thing isn't really something you can switch to overnight, there are still some things I do, choices I make, that can't really be considered sustainable. But I hope you guys give me a break … Continue reading Slow Fashion Confessions

Shoe Essentials for a Summer Capsule

Okay, I'm gonna be honest here. When I wrote my Summer Capsule 2018 post back in May, I didn't expect to have such a great summer! The summers in Belgium are mostly a lot of rain and temperatures around 20°C, but these past months we've been having the best weather ever. For weeks it's been over 25°C, … Continue reading Shoe Essentials for a Summer Capsule

5 tips to really find your personal style

Let's be honest. Finding your personal style isn't always the easiest. Sometimes you think you really found your personal style, only to come to the conclusion that next seasons' trends suit you a little better. Discovering which items that keep coming back to you isn't easy. I know there are a lot of great blogposts online … Continue reading 5 tips to really find your personal style