Happy Yellow.

Yellow is such a happy color!!! So I'm just so excited about this being a trend color at the moment. It just makes every day so sunny and happy - and it makes my tanned skin look twice as good. I already did some yellow-shopping at Zara and Mango... but here are some other amazing... Continue Reading →



Hi guys, this used to be an article about how to find your personal style, but today I noticed that the WordPress-app  deleted all my words and put this article back in concepts... But that doesn't mean that this has to keep an empty post! Au contraire, I still have a lot to tell you... Continue Reading →

Little White Dress.

Today was such amazing weather! I just love those days that are warm enough for dresses and not having to wear a jacket. The perfect weather to wear this amazing new dress I got from Mango. This dress is so light and flowy, just a perfect match for me. And what can I say, I just... Continue Reading →

Work it: Monochrome.

You guys know that morning rush feeling? Guess we all experience that one A LOT. Getting ready for work, while dressing the kids and making breakfast. Not easy. I have to admit that I for one am not a morning person. I don't like the stressed feeling after just waking up and it ensures bad... Continue Reading →

In Bruges.

  Taking it back to Bruges to share some photos from our walk with our dogs the other night. Bruges has always been one of my favourite cities nearby to take an evening walk. The buildings are just so dreamy and the people and tourists are so relaxed. We walked by a group of Japanese tourists... Continue Reading →

Meet Suki.

I officially want to introduce you guys to our newest addition to the family... meet Suki! She's a Shiba Inu and just so adorable. We know Shiba Inu's aren't the easiest breed - and she already shows those stubborn characteristics - but we fell in love with them immediately. And she's already great friends with... Continue Reading →


Can we talk about this dress please?! I am just loving the wear and feel of this sooooo much!!! The light fabric makes it so flowy and light to wear, especially on warmer days - not that we're have that much of them lately. But keeping a positive vibe towards summer. Plus, this will be... Continue Reading →


Hi guys! Summer's getting closer, but here it still feels like the beginning of spring. Cold weather, loads of clouds everyday and a lot of rain. Doesn't make me very happy actually. But I just couldn't wait any longer to take out my favourite summer clothing. Like these amazing sandals! The details on these ones... Continue Reading →

Raramuri Sandals.

Hi guys! Lastt weekend was finally warm and sunny, the perfect day to wear my new Raramuri Sandals. I don't remember how I came across this young, Belgian brand, but the good thing is I did and I was hooked immediately! The concept is quite simple. You pick a type of sandal with different soles -... Continue Reading →

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