Raramuri Sandals.

Hi guys! Lastt weekend was finally warm and sunny, the perfect day to wear my new Raramuri Sandals. I don't remember how I came across this young, Belgian brand, but the good thing is I did and I was hooked immediately! The concept is quite simple. You pick a type of sandal with different soles -... Continue Reading →



How are you guys doing? I just can't believe we're already in the month of May! But as always, good things tend to happen to me in May. For instance, my hubby and I fell in love in May, so we're celebrating that one and we're getting a new puppy this month! I don't know... Continue Reading →


Hi guys! Recently we went out for a walk in my old hometown Ghent. Even though I've moved years ago, I still feel this deep connection with the city I grew up in. Sometimes it feels so nostalgic and at other times I just get a little frustrated by how quick things change in life.... Continue Reading →

Head over Heels.

Hi guys! Today I'm suuuuuuper enthousiastic about my new tan pumps from Aldo!!!! It was like love at first sight. The heel on this pump, the soft suède and that colour! O-M-G. I didn't have to think long about buying this one and when I saw that small price I was completely head over heels!!... Continue Reading →

Red Pumps.

Hi guys! Since Scapa World launched their new website and a giveaway, I felt a craving to take these babies out again. These red pumps are definitely one of my favourite pairs! They are just so comfortable and soooooo pretty. Most of the time I'm quite low profile when it comes to my outfits, but... Continue Reading →


Hi guys! I've been away for a while... I've just been stuck  in a negative vibe and then I don't feel like posting stuff. I want to keep this blog a happy place with positive vibes and great motivation. Just now, life isn't constantly all happiness and sunshine and great outfits. But today I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

Parisian Ruffles.

Can we guys talk about this ruffles-trend that's going?! I mean, LOVING IT. So feminine and flowy, makes me feel really romantic actually. Ruffles are a perfect way to sweeten up every look! If you've seen something about SS17 fashion shows, you know that these flowy silhouettes are a big hit. From luxury designers like Chanel and Dior... Continue Reading →

Walk in the park.

I just love it when you no longer have to wear socks! Time to bring out all of my favourite shoes. Ballerina flats, loafers, sandals, pumps, ...everything you can wear bare feet. Like these new ballerina flats from Zign that I showed you guys in my first shoplog. This was actually the first time I... Continue Reading →

Garden Green.

Hi guys! Spring is FINALLY here! Past weekend there was so much sunshine and the temperature was rising pretty well, which made me so happy. It feels like I'm waking up from a long sleep during wintertime. I'm so much more productive and happy when the sun is shining. I just can't wait to get... Continue Reading →

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